Carmen Lee



_________An Apiary.


An apiary is a clubhouse design for bee-keepers to keep bees and for students or interested parties to enjoy a group visit. Situated on an open spot of a steep hill in Sheffield General Cemetery, my concept of “threshold” is defined by the  concealed  nature of the site and the division between the rural and the urban. Blending the two together by ‘screening’ the cityscape like a tree-curtain and bring the city into this small piece of natural habitat. Cut and fill is used to cancel out the sloping topography and only a gentle level change used in the building to create a single fluid area.

The SE-facing bee hives is located bottom of the hill for the earliest sunlight and to avoid prevailing wind, also to stay away from traffic noises. This simple L-shaped building is planed according to the sequence of activity within the building: honey extraction process is done in the external area of the private sector, which can be observed by the public cafe and also the private classroom/lab on the first floor. Plants are also planned throughout the site, harmonizing with the white timber stripe that reflect the peaceful landscape, allowing for a secure, private yet welcoming visit.




The “living room” of the city,

_______________________A theatre for art performing.

A theatre for art performing is situated in a small quiet site that sits between the residential area and the high street of Hillsborough. It aims to not just bring the community together, but also bring more teenagers as well as a romantic atmosphere into this area where children and elderly are mainly populated. There are two performing space within such small footprint: The main stage that provide a complementary yet warm atmosphere, and the open performing space that exposes to the cafe and partly to the street. A theatrical atmosphere is generated from the contrast in the material choice where modern white plaster integrates with the vintage brick wall of the two adjacent buildings, contributing the warmness to this small beloved ‘living room’ for the city and provide a place for families to meet and gather.

The theatre is a simple cube on the exterior with a complicated interior that designed to encourage the interaction between people. A void between the theatre hall and the two facades allow natural lighting from the light well and provide an open connection between the three different foyer. The skin of the theatre is highlighted with rusted steel panel that matches the colour palettes of the city yet stand out from the context.