Junyi Bai





 Siting on the top of Back Tor in Peak District, the brief is to deisgn a refuge providing
rest area and multiporpuse area for people after a long walk. Learning through the
experience of walking, i want to bring simple and free into the refuge, so the form is
blended in the surrounding, like a ramp rising from the ground and become part of the
walking path.










 Attercliffe was an industrial surburb and once industry thrived there were many
steelworks and high class shops. in order to rethrived the industry atmosphere, i designed
a library more about collections of hardwares and handtools and workshop spaces for
people to learn about the manufacture and practise the skill they learned. The form of
the building is inspired by stacking books to create interesting spatial experience.









 Designed for six families, the housing scheme combined of four room types. I move the
original car park to the lower ground floor so it can remain its function. The ground floor is
mainly public space both indoor and outdoor. The indoor multifunctional hall has bifold
door which can open up to crete a larger space for party and meeting. There are two
stairs and lifts going up and a large roof stairs for people to relax and exercise.