Julianna Kitsiou

The Circus Theater

“I’m just a musical prostitute, my dear.” 

Freddy Mercury

The circus theater is located in Attercliffe which is about 20 minutes away from the city of Sheffield by tram. Blended perfectly in the city, the theater acts as a community center for the area, bringing people together to enjoy a fabulous, circus show. Respecting the character of the site, I have used brick and glass as construction material for the theater.

“Threshold” – Caving Hut

“It is impossible to say how often one pauses uncomfortably for a moment on some threshold – the entrance of a church, office or public building, or the point of access to a foreign place – while passively, and usually ‘unconsciously,’ accepting a prohibition of some kind.”

Lefebvre: ‘Production of Space’

The design of a caving hut which is located in Castleton, about an hour drive from the city of Sheffield  serving both as a shelter for up to 20 cavers and a storage space for their equipment.  The open plan design of the hut aims at maintaining the  sense of enclosure that one feels in the interior of the cave.   The use of timber as a construction material blends in harmony with the surrounding landscape, giving the caving hut a warm and welcoming appearance.