Josephine Sproson

The strategy for this project was to create an urban escape – an opportunity for Sheffield’s residents to harness their adventure just minutes out of the city centre. The design draws upon the classic ‘cabin in the woods’ typology creating an elevated, mirrored Kayaking centre submerged within trees and bushes on the banks of the River Don.

The concept for this project was to create a theatre, home to small performance spaces. By eradicating the distance between the performer and the audience, a more personal, intimate atmosphere is created. The audience becomes completely drawn in and connected with the performer, everything else around them is irrelevant, like they’re in a bubble. This radical design fits perfectly within the fun and ‘indie’ setting of Ropewalks, Liverpool. 

This housing scheme draws upon the concept that food can act as a catalyst for community. The area of Burngreave is a diverse community rich with culture, but has obvious splinters caused by its wide range of ethnicities. Food can bring a community together through sharing, learning and cooking, all of which provide opportunities for cultural exchange. The scheme provides 7 dwellings, a community kitchen, community allotments and community zero-waste shop.