Joseph Syrett




P1 – Photographers Refuge


Joint project with Alec Thomson


We were briefed with designing a photographers hub in the Peak District that gave opportunity to shelter and rest in wait for the perfect photo oppurtunities at sunrise and sunset. We based our design on guiding the users to the most eye-catching views by angling two structures accordingly. The structures sit very lightly on the exsisting landscape having minimal impact, and provide access from multiple approaches. This allows the user to pass easily through and catch glimpses of the stunning views from multiple points within the building.



P2 – The Cooking Library


I was briefed with designing a library for a thriving part of the Northern Quarter in Manchester. In my site analysis I found that there was a high density of cafes and restaurants with a diverse range of cuisines in the area. In response to this I wanted to create a hub that encompassed all the diversity and gave opportunity for these local businesses to demonstrate and show people the style of food they cook. The Cooking Library includes a Lower Ground Floor with cooking stations and an eating area for cooking classes. The Ground Floor opens out onto the street which has market stools selling produce from the library and the interior includes cooking benches to allow for demonstrations. The First Floor is complete with a quiet library area to allow for research into recipes and a greenhouse containing a range of interesting new produce for the cooking classes to experiment with. This space offers an exciting opportunity to learn about and try experiment with new styles and ingredients.



P3 – Self Sustained Co-housing


My idea of Self Sustained Co-housing stemmed from the Centraal Wonen projects in the Netherlands in the 1970’s where a series of 3 or 4 houses were arranged around a central ‘cluster kitchen’, an idea I have incorporated into my Co-housing scheme. However I wanted to expand the idea beyond simply the kitchen and use this Co-housing scheme to bring people from all over Burngreave together. My idea for doing this was through using a series of allotments in all the disused green spaces across Burngreave. These would be maintained by local community centres and schools, and the produce would then be sold at the small shop which sits between the two Co-houses. The idea is to bring a healthy and diverse range of foods into the community and bringing people  from a range of cultures together through growing, sharing and trading.