Joseph Satchell

Project 1: Observatory

For this initial project I was tasked with developing a small observatory on a remote site in the peak district. A 30 min bus ride from Sheffield city centre, our site presented a variety of challenges. Most notably the size of the site and the steep and challenging terrain on numerous parts of the site. In response to the brief and the site I chose to develop an educational observatory to raise awareness of light pollution and the loss of the night sky in many parts of the UK. Subsequently my observatory is focused on education and the experience of standing under an unpolluted night sky as opposed to scientific research. Based on the user programme, I split the observatory into three components: A club house with toilets, a tea point and storage. En suite overnight accommodation for two people with a small kitchenette and lounge with a desk that acts as an office space, and an observation tower with  an integrated workshop.  The club house and overnight accommodation are located on a south slope of the Tor to provide them with a degree of shelter while the observation tower sits on top of the tor above the two other buildings. The three buildings are linked by a stepped causeway that runs from the base of the Tor up to the Tor’s plateau.

Project 2: Theatre

For the Second Project of the year I was required to develop a community theatre in Sharrow, a neighbourhood to the southwest of Sheffield city centre. Based on information derived from a group neighbourhood study and my site’s constraints I decided to develop a single story cabaret theatre with a flexible performance space that is set back in to the site’s slope to prevent it overshadowing the pub and houses that border the site. This allowed for the creation of a new public space on the roof of the theatre that is intended to act as a focal point for the monthly Sharrow market. A pared back material palette coupled with a discrete façade help the new building blend in to the Neighbourhood. The flexible nature of both cabaret acts and the performance space widens the potential audience for the theatre ensuring it responds to the diverse demographic composition of Sharrow. As theatre performances  and in particular cabaret,  primarily occur during the evening, the cabaret theatre can be used as a multi purpose community facility during the day .


Project 3: Housing

For the final project of the year I had to develop a housing scheme in Heeley a suburb to the south of Sheffield city centre. The housing scheme had to provide homes for families and an additional demographic group and include a new community facility.  I decided to design a housing project based around three principles: A home for all seasons, healthy sized homes and shared community growing.  The sites location close to both other key community facilities in Heeley and large green spaces allows for the potential expansion of community growing into the wider community hereby integrating the scheme in to the wider neighbourhood. The Development itself consists an L shaped block split into two parts the first of which consists of a  series of  one and two bed apartments and four three bed houses while the  second part at the top end of the site consists of a community growing centre.  By setting the block back from the road, the scheme also includes a shared garden for communal growing which works in conjunction with the community growing centre. To  prevent overshadowing and to respond to the existing slope on the site both the buildings and the garden have been terraced to help ensure accessibility and to increase the functionality. A covered porch and balcony with sliding polycarbonate panels are attached to both the front and rear of the apartments and the houses hereby  creating a transitional space that helps to naturally moderate the internal temperature of the buildings while providing a sheltered space that is outside the main body of the home but protected from the elements.