Joseph Bayley

P1 : Photo-point

Photo Point was a project in which my partner and I designed a temporary space in the landscape of the Peak District to be used by photographers. The building integrated itself within the terrain and rocks of Owler Tor to capture the perfect view whilst also becoming part of the surrounding landscape. Our small building would be used by professional and amateur photographers alike to provide shelter, equipment, community and teaching space. The flexibility of space allows the building to adapt to different uses suiting it to many different styles of photographer, and also space for group activity. Furthermore, by integrating the rock into the building it made the structure very sensitive to the site, showing that the landscape had great influence on the design of the building and remains an integral part of it.




P2: Movie Theatre


For the second project of the year we were asked to design a theatre project in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. I decided to create a movie theatre, and explore why the love of cinema was dying out. I decided to make the building an occasion, with a process. I created spaces on several levels where people could socialise at the bar while watching projected films throughout the series of spaces. A double height, luxurious screen room located in the back was for the main screenings, but much of atmosphere would happen in the open plan bar areas. If given the chance again I would focus more on the buildings façade – and explore how this could effect the project.



P3: Housing Scheme

We were asked to design a housing project to accommodate both families and an additional domestic group. My additional group was left in a broader scope, as my housing manifesto was not limited to a specific variety of people. My housing manifesto was based on efficiency, it encouraged shared space in a community, to free up the extra space in each dwelling. My community interface was a laundry facility with storage space, allowing each dwelling more space within their home. Being on SITE D I levelled the dwellings from the North boundary of the site, allowing level access across the site, with stairs and lifts down to the south façade level.