Jonathan Luke

 P 1   |   Arborist Training Centre

In this project, the brief is to design an arborist training centre that accomodates 10 people, it must have facilities and architectural elements that allow such training and specific arborist tasks to be performed.



 P 2   |   Theatre

   In this project, the brief is to design a theatre that accomodates the local area. The site given is in Darnall. The design of the theatre is based on the program of the theatre.



 P 3   |  Housing project

 In this project, the brief is to design a housing project in Heeley to accommodate a mixture of families with children and smaller domestic groups. We have started the project with a Masterplan for Heeley, followed by a precdeant study of a housing project. A manifesto based on my agenda of housing was then created to start of the designing stage of the project.