John Davis

Project 1

The brief for this project was to design a cycle hut set on a woodland walk in the North of Sheffield. Me and colleague, Marcus Goff, started the project with a study into how a cycle work shop functions which informed the project going forward. We then started to develop the scheme through the use of characters that we imagine using the scheme.



Project 2

The second project of the year was to design a Theatre in the district of Ancoats, Manchester. Ancoats is characterised by mills and buildings dating back to Manchesters boom period during the industrial revolution. The area is now seeing a steady resurgence. Initial research began with a look into the history of Pantomime, the type of theatre I was designing for. This then lead to an urban study into the building types within Ancoats which went on to inform major design decisions such as colour, materiality and form.




Project 3

The final project was to design a housing scheme of between 6 to 12 dwellings in Burngreave, North Sheffield. The brief stated that the dwellings should be designed for families and an additional domestic group with a shared facility. It was also key that the dwellings had level access for disabled people which proved a challenging design objective on the steep site. A precedent study was the first step of the project in which I looked into ‘Home for Change’, a co-housing scheme. My manifesto came about as a reaction from my first walk around Burngreave and seeing some very poor examples of housing. Key to the scheme was providing a humane place for the residents of my dwellings to be. This also informed my shared facility – a community cafe (top left of the scheme) that would host events such as the ‘Well-being Cafe’ where Burngreave residents are invited in.