Joe Wallbank

Arborist Training Centre 

During this project I explored two main concepts to drive my design for an 
Arborist Training centre in the Limb Valley, Ringinglow on the edge of the Peak District: 
Shelter and its appropriateness
Component Based Construction

Concept Sheet

Concept Sheet


The ‘Hall’

The Building reflects the shelter provided under a tree,it is intended to be an escape from the harsh and often dangerous work of Arborists while also celebrating the material qualities of timber which is explored through its cladding forming an appearance of clustered masses down to the fine Japanese roof structure


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Work Shop

Designed as an unheated space which uses timber thinnings joined by steel plates.



The Pigeon Theatre 

During this project i explored the theatrics of often over looked arts and how bringing these together

could encourage interaction between divergent groups and cultures in Darnall.




Housing in Heeley

Heeley feels like a place almost their, organisations such as Heeley development trust, Institute and the City Farm have introduced a range of

young professionals and creatives, however at this point in time Heeley’s original sense of it self still exists. What is missing  is a real sense of place

within the towns centre, my proposal site at the top center and is designed to cap the centre. 

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