Jiarong Miao



Higger Tor

In collaboration with Baiji Tao

The given brief was to design an observatory in Higger Tor, a landscape formed by rocks and vegetation in Peak District. We based the design on the idea of constant connections to the outdoors as well as minimal impact. The access of the observatory would be a covered pathway linking two wings, so people visiting Higger Tor could pass through the building without entering the indoors. The whole building would be lifted by half meter from the ground to preserve the rocks. To give more visual connections, the classroom and dome are in half-height level change.


Film and Photography Library


Located in Ancoats, a former industrial district which has a unique place in the history of global industrialization, this library aims to revive a ‘sense’ of history by displaying films and photographs, as well as having books such as photography collections and film scripts during last century. As a library in the twenty-first century, all these forms of media, films, photography and books, are presented equally.





This housing scheme is about flexible housing catering for young family who most likely to have a change of life patterns in the future. To take advantage of the sloping site, the communal space is mainly exterior, namely courtyard and playground, which enables tenants as well as people in the neighborhood to experience the landscape.    




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