Jiaming Hu

P1 Grow

Killer Drawing

The site of my P1 project was in Hathersage. It was a small building for the local allotment group.

P2 Fashion Library


The site for my P2 is in the Ropewalks area of Liverpool. It is an area with plenty of energy. Walking on the street, you can see many people dressed in different style. So I decided to design a fashion library for the area.

P3 Housing Project

P3 is in Burngreave. The site is next to the town center. It is a very energetic site. People in the area go to the town center to talk to each other. The statistic shows that the employment rate in the area is low. My housing manifesto is housing for people who start to live independently and want to start their own business. My community interface is a co-working center for the local people to exchange their skills and looking for jobs.

Site Analysis
Sectional Perspective