Jia Min Wong


Second year includes a series of project of different scale and purposes, and each allocated with a challenging site. This page consists of a selection from my second year works, including

P1 | C Y C L E  C E N T R E      ×       P2 | T H E A T R E         ×        P3 | h e e l e y  h o u s i n g 

I spent my second year developing my problem-solving and observation  skill, as well as a personal attitude and approach towards architecture, and discovering individual style in conveying ideas and thoughts; I hope that they are reflected through my studio projects, after going through the process of testing a multiple range of working methods and techniques.

P1  |     C Y C L E  C E N T R E   

promote cycling culture      |       encourage owning a bike

The given activity  is ‘cycling’ and the project was to design a temporary structure that can store up to 50 bikes with other related facilities such as ticketing area, repair area and public toilets. The proposal was using the potential of the site, South Street Park which sat right behind Sheffield train station, as a place to promote cycling culture in Sheffield with quick and easy storage service, and a bike accessories store that  encourage customizing and owning a bike. The shop can even transform to a space for gathering after opening hours for bike lovers and non-cyclists to exchange experiences and communicate with each other.


P2  |     L I V E  L I G H T 

live music stage     |       a focal point for Sharrow residents to meet and know each other 

The brief was to design a small community performance space in Sharrow, Sheffield. The proposed theatre is a live music stage, referring to the temporary live stage in the annual Sharrow Festival, I can feel the power of music to bring people from different social status or background together, especially for Sharrow as an neighbourhood with diversed culture. The building focuses on both day and night functions, and aims to be a focal point for Sharrow residents(long-term living) and  students who live in rent flats (short-term living)  to meet and know each other.


P3  |     h e e l e y  h o u s i n g

housing for foreigner young professional and families   |   affordable prefabricated housing  |  international food market   

The brief was to design a housing project in Heeley, Sheffield. The proposed housing reflected to my housing manifesto of providing affordable prefabricated houses for young professional and families from overseas. Besides accommodation, the communal building with canteen and meeting room and other communal facilities dotted around the triangular site suggest a collective living style to increase their sense of belonging and help them to settle down in new environment.  A space for holding international food market in front of the site also gives a chance for residents to introduce their cultures to locals and even attracts people from other neighbourhoods in Sheffield.


J I A  M I N  W O N G  |

2nd year Architecture student studying in Sheffield School of Architecture

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