Jessica Reaney

Sketch Journal- Abingdon and Oxford

Drawings and paintings documenting significant structures in Abingdon and Oxford, Oxfordshire, England. This work was completed during the summer of 2013 as part of sketch journal work and local architectural research, with the aim of expanding further over time. The collection of drawings aims to collect examples of various architectural styles which may be useful in influencing personal design work.



Project One- Caving Hut

The caving hut is designed to replicate the journey cavers have in going into the cave and then emerging from it- wide, open, light space to narrow, enclosed, dark space to wide, open, light space again. The ground floor of the hut is designed to feel more enclosed (like inside the cave) with separate rooms housing equipment stores, changing rooms and toilets. The first floor is open plan with floor-to-ceiling windows to create a light, open social space with views down the valley. The unusual shape of the first floor is in response to the study of Carabiner clips used by cavers and it allows for the best views. The materials used on the hut’s exterior are different for each floor, the ground floor is stone clad with only a few small windows, creating a feeling of permanence similar to that of the cave; whereas the first floor is glass and wood (with the exception of one stone wall which conceals the services) to maintain a light, open feel. 



Project Two- Community Theatre

The new theatre for Darnall is designed to allow for a large, open, double- height cafe space, with the hope of drawing people in off of the street and creating a new social hub for the local residents. The theatre itself is designed with a thrust stage, plenty of backstage space for performers and storage areas for props and costumes. The building offers access for wheelchair users to all areas at ground floor level. The first floor offers additional seating for the cafe on the balcony, more toilets, costume storage and an office to be used by theatre staff. From the exterior the building is red brick and mirrors architectural features of surrounding buildings.