Jennie Lua

Project 1- Threshold

-In collaboration with Charmaine Lin-

We were tasked to design a walker’s refuge in Windy Knoll. We decided to go for a
grid-like pattern for our plan which mimics Castleton’s pattern and grain.

Project 2- Cabaret Theatre

Northen Quarter, Manchester

For project 2, we were tasked to design a theatre in the Northern quarter of Manchester. I decided to design a Cabaret, considering the site location and the demographics. For this project, I attempted to explore the idea of an architecture promenade, which is reflected in my floor plan.

Project 3- Emergency housing

Burngreave, Sheffield

Due to the housing crisis in the UK, evicted families or individuals are at risk of being housed in temporary accommodations such as hostels or bed and breakfasts, which is obviously unsustainable in the long run. My scheme aims to provide housing to families and individuals that are experiencing such issues. For the social aspect of my design, I decided to focus on the rehabilitation of Burngreave through art to bring a younger crowd to the area and remove the stigma that Burngreave is an unsafe place to visit.