Project one, located in the area of Blacka Moor, Peak District, is a popular site for the activity of paragliding. Being a remote, hilly landscape we were first set with the task of creating a territory map of the site, helping embrace the importance of terrain and landscape from the outset. We then completed a ‘scale’ task, in which we produced a 1:1 scaled drawing of a human para glider in action. This drawing helped introduce another important theme throughout our design of ‘cocooning’ which can be seen through the interaction of building and landscape. Although our initial building design failed to imitate these ideas, we revised these plans into a new scheme eventually incorporating this cocooning of design with landscape more effectively.

Project two was to focus on redesigning the library for the 21st century, in the Ropewalks area of Liverpool. I began by researching up what it meant to be a library in the 21st century, quickly coming across the issue of the noise debate. This became a main focus of my design, wanting to design a building that could accommodate all ages, wishes and noise qualities. This along with the bustling venues surrounding my site encouraged me to focus on a music themed library. Precedents such as Nam June Paik Library
(NHDM, 2011) and Story Pod (Atelier Kastelic Buffey, 2015) strongly influenced my design, helping create this idea of boxes that could open and close to encourage different acoustic spaces following that of an interior grid like structure. I developed this further, wanting to encourage music to the surrounding context, providing an outdoor performance space looking out to the bars and clubs around.

Project three brought a larger scale project of housing situated in Burngreave, Sheffield. Having initially completed some site analysis it became clear that the largest religious group was Islamic at 42.3%. This being quite unusual compared to the normally dominated Christianity religion stuck out to me as something very important and special to the area of Burngreave. Researching into the family structure and needs of the Islamic community it became clear that there was a gap in the market for the accommodation of certain necessities many Western housing typologies lacked. Through further research main themes of Privacy, Interaction, Community, Prayer and Festivities became apparent and deeply drove my whole housing scheme design from beginning to end product.