Jenna Hobbs

 Y E A R  2   P O R T F O L I O

Project 1 


Joint Project with Azrah Asif-Jussab

Project 1 was to design a place in which people could reside overnight before and after their caving expedition, the site is situated at Peak Cavern.  We Chose to place our building on a piece of land just outside of the cave, this was due to markings on the ground from where a fire had previously been, indicating that this is a place which the cavers had previously enjoyed using.  The campfire became the centre of out project, emphasising the communal aspect of the caving experience. The brief for this project specified the use pencil drawing and limited the use of computers.

Project 2


Project 2 was to design a small theatre, the site was located in Manchesters Northern Quarter. The type of theatre that I decided to design was a theatre for music performance, one which was inspired by Jazz clubs which I felt was very appropriate for the area.  The theatre has a low stage and a casual chair and table lay out with an additional accessible bar.  In addition to the theatre space the second floor has classrooms to provide a space for the musicians to practice as well as music tuition, allowing the building to be open at all times of the day and provide additional income.

Project 3


Project 3 was to design a housing scheme for a site located in Burngreave, Sheffield.  Burngreave is a relatively deprived area with high crime rates, the area has a high number of immigrant residents, when speaking to the residents they described themselves as a very close community, where their neighbours were like family, this led to my manifesto “One Big Family’.  The housing scheme consists of 7 dwellings; three family homes and four apartments, aiming to integrate people who would perhaps otherwise live on their own with families in order to create a community which feels like family.