Jeffrey, Chon Fu Lau

P1 – Viticulturalist

Viticulturalist – refer to the study of grapevines, also known as the production of wine. The first studio design project is to propose wine production factory with retail area and vineyard. The design concept derived from the form of a spiral vine and the production being in one direction, driving the form of a spiral plan going up the slope; also the use of materials are aimed at sustainability and nature as I was trying to merge the building with the forest context.





 P2 – Perform

For the second project, we received site areas that have several problems within the community, and we were asked to design a theatre. Theatres, apart from a place to perform, it could also be the heart of the community which pulls the whole community together, therefore a theatre could possibly solves social issues of the society. At the beginning of the project, I was inspired by the urbanism concept from the architect, Steven Holl, which link the culture, and the society together. The design concepts for the project is more towards an artistic approach: creating artistic elements, features, such as a floating appearance and artistic form, as well as creating thresholds within the building and a community hub for people in the area.



P3 – Housings

   The final studio design project is to propose a big scale housing development in an area near Sheffield called Heeley. Before the actual design stage of the project, we have two group projects to help us to start off.


Heeley Master Planning

   We kicked off P3 with a master-planning project, helping us to understand Heeley better as well as proposing solutions to the problems. I have chosen few slides that were helpful during my design process.


Precedent Study

After the Master planning, we continued our group project with precedent study, which each group looked at a specific precedent and produce 2 sides of A0. My group got allocated Georgian House and we have chosen the Hard Working House in London.


P3 Housing Design

   The two projects gave us an understanding of the site and housing schemes; the trip to Amsterdam during the design process also boosted us with the knowledge of housing scheme. The housing scheme I am proposing aims at mixed societies, as I believe mixed society benefits all types of residents in the community. At the beginning of the design I was interested at the experiences of people towards housings, which further driven me into the direction of traditional housing from, while people are more familiar with them; however, internally I have a different approach. I aimed at an open plan with the mixture of outdoor and indoor spaces, which create a contrast between the traditional exterior and modernism interior.



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