Jamie Smith


The Tower


Situated at the top of Back Tor in the Peak District ‘The Tower’ creating a place of refuge for walkers. ‘The Tower’ toys with the landscape, being a binder of elements, connecting the earth to the sky, and the top of the peak to the shadowed tree line bellow.




The Wagon Works


 This theatre snuggly located between a row of terraces bring to light a part of Sheffield’s history. Focusing on stage set construction the build allows the public to see the sets during construction, while the exposed materiality of the build it self  allows for a connection with the purpose of the build and the interaction of the user. The stage of the theatre is movable vertically allowing for a ease of transition of sets onto the stage, also allowing for a more clear physical link between the stage and the workshop.





The Battenberg Housing Estate


This scheme of work is focused on the continuation of the greenspace from Heeley Farm. The houses I have designed as a part of the scheme are 5 pairs of houses, whose parting walls interlock in a manner as to provide equal opportunities and to encourage more interaction between the neighbours. There is a 3 bed and a 4 bed, accommodating differing families and their needs. The 4 bed has a study/studio space to encourage a working family life style, creating a more inviting setting away from the city centre.