Jamie Prickett

P1 | Caving Shelter

In this paired project, the brief was to design a small building in a sensitive area of landscape, to allow a temporary short-term stay for a minimum of 8 people. A deep understanding of the site was essential, as the choice of site within a given area was optional.

Through undertaking various research into the requirements, and potential desires of the everyday caver, we designed a functional getaway space for a group of people to utilise during a weekend caving.

P2 | Library

The scheme hosts a Library centered around the Music industry, in a city which holds tremendous musical heritage. Four Floors, each with their own specific theme, provide interesting and unique collection spaces for people with varying music tastes. Accompanied with spaces that shut off surrounding audible pollution, providing ideal listening environments.

The open ground floor encourages community interaction, through an open-mic stage that overlooks the cafe area. Surrounded by the overtly urban landscape, the facade presents a contemporary, yet subtle aesthetic to the street.

P3 | Housing

A housing project, accommodating both families and an additional domestic group, in this case, young professionals. The scheme hosts: – 4 x 1 bed accessible apartments – 4 x 2 bed accessible dwellings, – 2 x 3 bedroom dwellings. Each accommodating an adaptable work, study or recreation space.

Encapsulated by the existing industrial walls and the housing scheme, sits a peaceful landscaped, terraced garden to be utilised by both residents and the community. Accompanied with this, is a well-being facility, including spaces for both personal fitness, yoga and meditation.

Low-carbon living is encouraged across the scheme, with garden spaces available in all dwellings to promote a more self-sufficient life style. The well-being facility will be powered via the kinetic energy produced from the machines whilst in use.