Jamie Cave


P1 – Leavening


The task for my P1 project was to design a bakery situated in the woods in Malin Bridge. Due to the chosen site being particularly peaceful and a popular route for walkers in the area, I aimed to make my design one which touched as lightly as possible on the landscape. The scheme follows a similar form to a tree house, made predominantly of oak in order for it to become integrated with the wooded landscape. It features a bakery space which is slightly elevated to enable the oven to be seen by walkers from a distance, a café space which is accessed via a spiral staircase, and a sleeping pod for bakers who may need to stay on site overnight so that they can conveniently access the bakery early in the morning if needed. The bakery features glass sliding doors around its exterior so that even in winter the oven can still be seen from a distance.





P2 – “Art” Library


The Site is Situated just off Sharrow Vale road between the Lescar Pub and a Series of terraced houses. My concept is intended to appeal to the people of Sharrow due to the artistic nature of the area, which was discovered during the neighbourhood study. It involves a place to learn through the use of books, and includes a social/creative space where people can interact and explore new forms of artwork. The form is inspired by that of an uneven stack of books, with every few sets of timber struts varying in height and gradient, These struts support the structure and also inform the internal layout of the library. The positioning of bookcases on the 1st floor, and desks on the ground floor is directly in relation to the position of the struts. Each set of timber struts also steps down as the terraced houses behind the site step up with the slope, aiming to reduce the blockage of views to terraced houses above the slope, as well as creating a more grand entrance way to the Library.




P3 – Housing


The site is centred between Heeley Parish Church, SUM studios and Anne’s Grove school. Due to an important factor of the scheme being shared vegetable gardens, development of my design both in form and massing on the site was largely influenced by allowing as much sunlight to reach green areas as possible. From gaining knowledge after doing the neighbourhood study I was particularly interested by the fact that 37.5% of people in Heeley lived alone, which helped inspire my manifesto idea.

I decided to focus on intergenerational housing, intending to merge separations between the different age groups in Heeley. The design aims to achieve this by emphasising the idea of accidental interaction within the community – incorporating features such as shared vegetable gardens, shared greenhouses, a communal seating area and communal walkway. Features such as a market stall and a nursery / teaching space are also included to help integrate the wider Heeley community with the housing scheme. The scheme features two housing types with there being six dwellings in total; there are four terrace family houses and two bungalows for the elderly.