Jade McKinley

P1 – An Arborist Centre

I had the task of designing a small arborist centre in Limb Brook, a rural area just outside the little village of Ringinglow. I created a small, lightweight timber structure that would blend into the hills of the Limb Valley with a beautiful crafted roof, inspired by Hugo Haring’s Cow Shed. After spending a day with the University of Sheffield’s arborist team, I gathered lots of useful information to design an efficient centre to teach the practice of arbiculture effectively. The layout of the building overhanging the Brook created a safe  zone between the public footpath and  the dangerous arborist activities as well as creating a raised platform to enjoy a greater view of the valley from within the centre.



P2 -S1 Ballet Studios

I had the task of designing a small community theatre in Darnall, a suburb of Sheffield with a history full of steelworks and factories. I designed a modest, robust, and social theatre to be enjoyed by the public from day through to the evening, with little space reserved from the public. I wanted to make a connection between the theatre, Darnall library adjoining the site, the immediate area and Sheffield by creating a social hub to house a range of diverse activities, with open plan spaces that can be well adjusted . The style of theatre is a combination of contemporary ballet inspired by Cedar Lake Ballet NYC (http://cedarlakedance.com/) set in a traditional promenade style theatre, where the audience walks with the performers. The facade is very theatrical with reference to Darnalls steel-making past, lighting up like a factory at night as would have been witnessed by local residents during the industrial revolution. The imposing, high black brick wall of the front facade is simple in design and materiality, yet creates a sense of importance and belonging to Staniforth Road, creating a sense of mystery to the passersby.

P3 – Housing Project

I was assigned the task of designing a range of housing typologies in Heeley on a large unused plot of land adjacent to Gleadless Road, the heart of Heeley as the local residents call it. I wanted to address lonliness in my project and create a complex where social interaction with neighbours of all generartions can occur through the growth of food and shared communal gardens. I placed retirement homes on the ground floor adjacent to Gleadless road enabling easy access to local ammenties. Family homes with built in granny-annexes are located on the upper ground level of the site to provide safe zones for the children to play away from the busy Richard’s Road. The site is tied in with the grand masterplan of Heeley, with particular attention to the pedestrianisation of Gleadless Road, linking the shops with proposed cafes located at the front of my site. The homes interact with one another, connecting via outdoor stairwells, garden and walkways. The main idea behind my project was to create comfortable homes that benefit the individual family as well as all residents collectively, in which the inter-generational living will create social interaction between the young and the elderly aiming to prevent loneliness within a community.