Jacob Ashton


Walkers’ Refuge


The design for this walkers’ refuge, situated in the Peak District, is influenced directly by the process of walking. It combines space for shelter, rest, observation, and eating, with a radical walkway that stretches the length of the site. Responding to its topography and windy conditions, the walkway creates a dramatic approach to the building, allowing the landscape to be experienced differently at various points along the way.







Situated in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, this theatre turns the spotlight onto everyday life, providing a space for everyday people to share their own stories and anecdotes. It attempts to reignite the sense of community present throughout Manchester’s history, ultimately aiming to improve social cohesion by bringing a diverse range of people together.








Located in multicultural Burngreave, this housing scheme aims to deliver social homes to those that have been evicted from their community as a result of the privatisation, redevelopment, or demolition of the extremely limited council housing stock. It focuses on interactions and the residents integration into a new community, aiming to produce an open and inclusive development and one which enables its inhabitants to feel rooted to place.