Jack Osmond

Second year portfolio

P1- Threshold

A short collaborative design project

Our personal brief for this project was to design a building which would act as an observatory and education centre for kids during summer, and a hikers refuge during the harsh winter months. The emphasis of this project was on teamwork, as well as paying specific attention to the relationship between the interior and exterior spaces. For us the surrounding terrain was considered the most important influence, and it became the overriding factor in many of our design decisions and project presentation.


P2- Library

First attempt at a public building

My brief for this project was to create a fully functioning library in Ancoats, a prosperous inner city area of Manchester, which would simultaneously act as a community hub, whilst creating a space which is designed to inspire those that work within it’s walls. It has been designed with part time/ amateur writers in mind, however on the whole it is a space for a community to gather and thrive. The relationship between the old industrial infrastructure and modern housing developments provided a very interesting context to work within.

P3- Housing

Family orientated housing scheme

My housing project was very much a family inspired scheme from the get go. With my own experience and varying research in mind, I have designed a scheme which can be considered flexible in the way it can adhere to all stages of family life. In busy inner city Burngreave, I have created what I hope can be considered a sleek, secure design that responds well to the context and gives back to the local community through 2 separate public outdoor spaces and retail units.