Jack Laurie

P1 / Observatory / Higger Tor / Sheffield


A wildlife observatory overlooking the Burbage Valley on the edge of Sheffield. The Eastern Moors of the Dark Peak are host to a wide variety of wildlife throughout the year. The prominent position high on rocks provides panoramic views of the area, while gabion construction and mirrored glass help to camouflage the building from animals and embed it into its harsh surroundings.


P2 / Theatre / Northern Quarter / Manchester


The Pankhurst Theatre – a small theatre inspired by the people of Manchester and their legacy of activism in politics and social commentary in the arts. The ground floor bar is surrounded by glazing on all sides and opens up onto a pedestrianised side street, inviting people in and connecting with its surroundings. The auditorium and backstage are within a brick box above. A glazed stairwell and brick lift shaft link all the spaces together. A large glazed void at the front is provided for art installations and posters advertising the rolling series of events at the theatre.

P3 / Housing / Burngreave / Sheffield

A flexible housing scheme based on the concept of ‘polyvalence’, with internal spaces that can be used for a wide variety of activities and arranged in numerous different ways. The houses are unfinished – the user determines their living environment according to their needs and can change over time. Staggered floors ensure strong connections between all of the spaces and allow the buildings to step down with the sloping site. A small community centre designed in the same manner – with similarly proportioned polyvalent spaces and unfinished surfaces – also features and can be used for a wide variety of activities.