Izzy Roberts

Site: Hathersage Allotments

The brief for this project was to design a small structure to provide shelter on an allotment in Hathersage.

Located beside a river in a national Park, our building frames views of the beautiful surrounding landscape and provides storage, shelter and a social space for allotment owners.

Exterior View

Site: Ropewalks, Liverpool

Located in a city with a rich history of performance, I wanted my design to be reminiscent of a time when theatre was the centre of popular culture and a symbol of civic pride.

Despite its grandeur I wanted to promote an agenda of social inclusivity through design, rejecting the class segregation of theatres in the past and providing a glamourous night out for people from all walks of life.

Site Analysis

Site: Burngreave, Sheffield

In a time of high-rise flats and semi-detached suburban homes, society has lost its sense of community. We are lonelier and more divided than ever before.

 I called my housing scheme “a village within a city”, as I have designed an environment which will encourage the formation of a close community similar to that of a rural village, but within a modern urban context.

Manifesto: A Village Within a City
Sectional Perspective