Ivan Velev

C Y C L E  H U B

Joint project with Ayushya Uppal

Situated on the bank of the River Dom in Sheffield is a project I did in collaboration with Ayushya Uppal. The “Cycle Hub” began with an in-depth research into what it takes to repair a bike, and the site and its history. The site is characterized by the industrial background, yet cycling along the river, for a moment, one loses the feeling of being in a city due to the dense vegetation. We strived to reflect those qualities by using reclaimed materials and designing the Hub to have modest presence and sit lightly in its environment, while still mirroring the intensity of the never resting water underneath.





S K E T C H B O O K  L I B R A R Y


I was inspired by The Sketchbook Project in the Brooklyn Art Library, to design a library where everyone can donate their sketchbook with writing or drawings and have it on the shelves of the library for anyone to look through. The site is in the heart of Manchester in Northern Quarter where a lot of artisans and creative people live and work. The sketchbook library is the center of the creativity where the vibrant life of Northern Quarter can be exhibit. The dome does not only provide light and opened social space, but is also a symbol of the collective.

From the very beginning of the project I was interested in how to shapes can intersect for the sake of architectural quality. However, through the course of designing I came to realize the difference between creating a form for the sace of form and a form that has a purpose. This resulted in a slight redesign at the end.





A R T I S A N  C O M M U N I T Y  H O U S I N G


Emigrants arriving to Sheffield, looking for a place to settle, to work, to be part of a community that values their traditions and skills. The Artisan Community Housing aims precisely to satisfy those needs. The project encompasses workshops where a transparent to the pubic production process and creative classes takes place, street shops, weekly market, and 10 dwellings, 8 of which are flexible to adapt to occupants needs. The courtyard is the center of life in the housing scheme, meant to be opened and easily adapted for all potential purposes– for example, to put up a market, or for kids to play.