Imogen Mason-Jones

P1 Photography Studio

Joint project with Ruby Rose Flanagan.

To preserve the undisrupted 360 views at the top of Mother Cap we designed our Studio amongst the trees lower down. Using a cantilevered structure from a central core, which is clad in reflective glass, the four timber boxes appear to be floating. Each box serves a different function, a teaching room, viewing platform, gallery and WC.

P2 Movie Theatre

In the Northern Quarter of Manchester I intended to design a cinema accessible to all while still presenting a modern take on the classic art deco movie theatre. The gold box, which houses the two cinema screens, sits above the bar area and projects slightly into the street using the form of the building to pronounce its function.


P3 Housing Scheme

In the area of Burngreave I set out to design a scheme which could be realistically flexible to suit a range of needs for varying demographics. The split level site allows for a cycle-through cafe and car parking on the Lower Ground floor. To maximise the South facing aspect of the site the houses would all be entered from a pedestrianised courtyard on the Upper Ground floor. In response to the surrounding residential buildings these houses would be clad mainly in red brick, however the second floor of the scheme uses zinc cladding to provide a modern juxtaposition to the brick while also continuing the roof line of the adjacent buildings.