Ilias Muckli

P1 – Bicycle Couriers’ Cycle Hub


Courier cyclists work hard to ensure we get hot food delivered to our door. They often work long hours and are exposed to the elements for the duration of their shifts. In response to this we designed a Cycle Hub where riders can seek refuge, socialise and grab something to eat in between orders or on their break. The pit-stop design looks out over Sheffield and ensures riders can arrive and leave quickly. In addition we improved cycle access to Sheaf Valley Park, adding a new modernised bicycle overpass to the existing pedestrian overpass.


P2 – Projection Mapping and Art Performance Theatre


I was inspired by a video on YouTube of an artist performing in synchronisation to the 4 projections around her. I took this further to create a glass performance box that elevates across floors as part of the Theatre’s steel frame structure. The rest of the building revolves around the performance space in the middle, and encourages visitors to informally move around the building’s series of gallery spaces exploring light, shadow and colour.

The building’s private spaces are designed for the performers and for Multimedia Experimentalists, who can also display their motion visuals on the two screens (which double as windows) on the building’s street facades.


P3 – Waste-Aware Housing with Recycle and Upcycle Strategy


The Burngreave area is subject to extreme littering and there is not enough being done to change things. My housing scheme aims to raise set an example to the neighbourhood – raising awareness of the littering problem and facilitating easy waste disposal. The upcycle workshop teaches children from a young age to see the potential in unwanted or discarded materials, and helps them create new things that can be used by the whole community. Private roof gardens are shared between two neighbouring families, providing them with a safe, litter free environment  which brings the families closer together.