Ifigenia Ioannou

Higger Tor Observatory

“For my part i know nothing with any certainty but the sight of the stars makes me dream”

                                                                                          Vincent Van Gogh      

The site we were asked to design an observatory for was Higger Tor, a dominating rock formation (Tor) in the Peak District. To me, the site felt as if it was untouched by time, so i did not want to disturb that with a heavy structure, My mane focus was to design something that would implement the site and would leave the site in its natural state as much as possible and be in harmony with it, as if a continuation of the site itself.






Experimental Theatre

“I can take any empty space and call it a bare stage. A man walks across this empty space whilst someone else is watching him, and this is all that is needed for an act of theatre to be engaged”.

Peter Brook

Experimental Theatre director an playwriter

After reading the book “The Empty Space” by Peter Brook i decided i wanted to design an Experimental Theatre venue in Sharrow because it is something i believe is missing from the Sheffield theatre scene and can be successfully fostered in Sharrow. Experimental theatre is considered to be an underground genre in theatre and performance so i decided that the underground genre i am promoting would literally be played underground. My desire was to create a theatre, a space, that would be an inspiration to the director and not just a venue for presentation.





” I should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.”

Gaston Bachelard

The Poetics of Space

As an area, i believe Heeley has a lot of potential to be a very good family neighbourhood of Sheffield because of characteristics of the area such as Heeley City Farm, SUM Studios and the Millenium Park. In my scheme i am focusing on the connections of my scheme to these key parts of Heeley and the connection of old with the new and what we consider as public and what private in a urban housing scheme.