Hyo Kim

(Above)  Sectional Perspective – P3

 Project II

TriLight Theatre

Location: High Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester
Site area: approx. 128.8 m
83 seats total



This project is aimed to create a small stand-up comedy performance space in Northern Quarter, Manchester. As choosing the characteristic of a performance, This project was aimed to create a psychological journey of ambiguity to the audiences from the street to the theatre seats, as well as creating a strong sense of greenness emerging out from the building and function as a ‘backbone’ of re-greening movement of Northern Quarter.


Final Designs



Section Lines

 Project III


Location: Burngreavc Street, Burngreave, Sheffield
Site area: approx. 1020m
7 housing ⋅
  3 single bedroom houses
 3 double bedroom houses
 1 triple bedroom house



This project is aimed to form a community housing in Burngreave, Sheffield, which is targeted for parents with children. This building initially focused on privacy, this later developed a sense of private balcony for individuals and private garden for the residential community. The theme of privacy is furthermore expressed via ‘brick screens with gaps’ – as well as creating a continuity with nearby buildings.

The Housings are designed to be used by people with no crucial accessibility needs, due to its site. stairs substitute the journey, and the garden works as a ‘psychological reward’ for this forced journey.

The rooftop is designed to give an extension from the nearby park and the landscape, function as a public space. The use of small lightwells is going to extend over the roof to prevent overlooking.  and used as a public furniture.



 Model Studies


 Final Design