We were tasked with a design of small building sheltering the photographers in Peak District.  Interestingly, the location of the site has an obvious threshold in landscape view which is approaching the Mother Cap and providing an excellent sightseeing and photo points to visitors and photographers. We were inspired by the shape of the stone on the site and try to design a building that all visitors can climb, play, learn, relax and enjoy the unique view of Peak District.




Northern Quarter witnessed the regeneration in last few decades regardless of the culture or economy and the area has become one of the most creative places in Manchester as there are many self-design pop-in shops, bars, restaurants. However, it is lack of space that people can enjoy art and thus I proposed an immersive drama theater. Light is my concept element leading my theater design as I feel the theater is a wonderland that gives people a chance to escape from their daily life and rediscover themselves. With the light changing in space, brighter or darker, people thus will have a different feeling to space. Thus in this design, light has been carefully thought and one of the characters of this design is the exterior staircase created which kind to hope the provide a journey before visitors enter into the theater.




At the first glance on Burngreave, various independent small shops, stocking food, clothes, and goods from over the world makes it apart from other areas in Sheffield. The problems of the high unemployment rate, low household income still wait to be resolved. People from 18 to 44 is taking up a large population of the area and they are in the transition from starting the business to become an experienced businessman. Therefore to tackle this problem and to support the local small business, the housing scheme I proposed in this project is to combine the living with working, which is to encourage young talented entrepreneurs making the first move to their own business at home.



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