Hope Dabernig

Project One: Apiary    

For our first project we were tasked with designing an apiary with room to keep bees along with a learning centre to teach others about the bees kept there. We first carried out a detailed study of the equipment used by bee keepers and the bees by drawing 1:1 measured drawings of things like the Hive. Through this research I developed a better understanding of the type of building we needed to design to accommodate this equipment. The site which we were given was Sheffield General Cemetery, just off Ecclesall Road. The cemetery was very quiet and uninhabited, with areas of tree cover and open grass. However, it did have a footpath running though it which opened out onto a clearing. I responded to the site by deciding to have my building half in the cover of trees, to provide shelter for the hives, and half exposed on to this open grassy area so not to be completely hidden to the public. Also to give protection to the hives I developed the idea of surrounding them in wild flowers, I thought this may be better than locking them away behind gates. I wanted my building to be as integrated into the surroundings as possible so the decision to make my building out of timber was so it would be a lighter touch on the earth, but also would allow it to blend in to it’s woodland surroundings.


Project Two: Children’s Library

For this project we had to design a public building, in my case a Library, to accommodate the area’s needs. The requirements were to include café space, general storage and stacks for the books. To start the project we carried out a neighbourhood study. I chose to design a children’s library as I thought it would fit in well with the neighbourhood of Sharrow where the residents are mainly families with a few students. My site was situated on Neill Road, much quieter than Ecclesall Road and Sharrow Vale Road that run parallel to it. I thought I could use my library as a way to connect the two areas. I created a children’s library with the intention of bringing the children from Hunter’s Bar Infant School on Sharrow Vale Road more towards Ecclesall Road and therefore setting up Neill Road as a bridge between the two areas. The concept for my library was the idea of a book as a gateway to another world where you could get lost.

Project Three: Housing for the Elderly

For this project we had to come up with a manifesto to decide what type of housing we would like to concentrate on. I chose to design housing for the elderly in which I wanted to increase the quality of life of elderly people living alone by way of social interaction. I thought creating a community garden for residents would give elderly people, who may be living alone, a chance to socialise with other residents, whilst keeping themselves stimulated with a project. My site was located in Heeley, Sheffield, right next to Ann’s Grove Primary, Sum Studios and Heeley Institute. I thought the connection with the school and The Heeley Institute could be an important one for integrating my housing scheme into the community. Creating a buddy system between the school children and the residents where there could be a chance for the older residents to pass on their knowledge of gardening. As for the design of my housing, I did not want the residents to lose space which often comes with down sizing to a more accessible home. So my bungalows include high ceilings and a mezzanine level for guests to stay or for storage. I wanted a strong sense of public and private so each home has it’s own terrace area set back off the main strip of public garden.