Holly Madeley

A Hatchery in Millhouses Park

The brief for this project was to design a hatchery to house up to 40 chickens, with secure outdoor space for them to roam. My response to the brief developed through the investigation of the site, Millhouses Park in Sheffield, where a long, winding pathway guides pedestrians through areas with very different features of lighting, visibility and texture, creating interesting transitional moments between these spaces. My building acts to exaggerate one of these moments; guiding visitors out from dense woodland into wide open views of the park, making it into an exciting feature.


An Experimental Theatre for Darnall

For this project we were asked to design a theatre with all of the elements required for its operation, including front of house facilities, performance space and backstage areas. We were required to choose a typology of theatre for our building to focus on. After looking at various precedents, I decided to design a building for Experimental Theatre, as I was confident that this type of theatre would have the most positive impact on Darnall, where people have difficulties connecting with one another, and show little respect for where they live. This decision underpinned the majority of my design decisions, as I endeavoured to create a building which would prepare its visitors for the experience of experimental theatre, enabling them to get the most out of it.

A key element of the design for this project was the development of a façade addressing the existing street, which was required to be both eye catching and appropriate for its context. Looking at the existing buildings in the area, I noticed patterns in the use of brick, with brightly coloured signs to attract attention to shops. In this highly textural and colourful environment, I chose to use a simple, clean wooden cladding which should compliment the surrounding materiality without competing with it, instead using the dramatic shape of the building to draw visitors in.

Self-Sufficient Housing for Heeley

The brief for this project was to design housing for families and an additional domestic group, taking into consideration issues such as accessibility, sustainability, community facilities, parking, adaptable work space, and the contribution of the proposal to its surroundings.

We were asked to develop a housing manifesto focussing on a current issue to underpin the design of our housing schemes. The area I chose to focus on was self-sufficiency; a decision largely influenced by the location of the project, in Heeley. Heeley is a suburb of Sheffield, which once had its own identity and sense of place, but has become lost in its dependency on the city. My proposed scheme intends to resolve this issue through the creation of housing that enables people to live as self-sufficiently as possible; with the opportunity to give back to the surrounding area and create an identity for Heeley in the inclusion of a community market.