Holly MacMahon

Project 1: Caver’s Shelter

This was a paired project designing a small shelter for cavers. They would require somewhere to store and clean their equipment as well as somewhere to cook, eat and sleep. The site, a valley in Castleton, offered opportunities for views across the valley and the village below. This was an important aspect of our design and the large corner window on the first floor of our shelter was positioned to capture this view.

Project 2: Theatre

In this project I designed a children’s theatre in a site along Spear Street in the Manchester Upper Quarter. My concept was for the theatre space to be located in an egg shaped structure with a cafe on the ground floor. The egg shape pushes out of the roof and front of the otherwise mainly glass structure and is brightly coloured to reflect the fun energy of a children’s theatre.


Project 3: Housing

My manifesto for my housing project I chose to focus on social integration and aiming to provide opportunities for neighbours to socialise with each other. My site was located within large scale industrial buildings in Burngreave and was also north facing, which led to my decision to design 3 blocks of flats, each 4 storeys high. Each block would be comprised of ground floor level apartments, two floor apartments taking up the 1st and 2nd floor and 3rd floor level apartments. The community feature in my housing project is a cycle hub. This would help integrate the housing scheme into the wider community by encouraging people to travel down the street to the cycle hub without increasing congestion in the roads nearby.