Holly Hearne


P1 – Photo Point

This was a joint design project with Brianna Braukmann


This project explored the compromise between capturing the best views for our photography studio, and creating as little disruption to the landscape as possible. We located our studio just below Mother Cap, to provide expansive views out over the Peak District below. The studio is single story with a slanted roof, allowing it to nestle into the hill, the semi-circular shape allows for a convex front facade made up of rotating glass windows, to showcase the panoramic views.





P2 – Theatre


The project brief was to design a small community performance space, taking into account site and context and the basic function of a theatre. Due to the constrictions of such a small site, I chose to explore the idea of a jazz club.  After visiting the site in Northen Quarter, Manchester, I felt it better suited the area more than tranditonal theatre types,  as it is a lively and vibrant place with with an ‘edgy’ vibe. I chose to have an informal bar/lounge set up, with the stage on the ground floor, and a void above it that stretches up all floors. On the top level there are practice rooms for the performing musicians, but also for the general community. This space is also a base for the charity 42nd Street, who help young people with their emotional wellbeing and mental health, promoting choice and creativity by offering opportunities to learn new skills. Here they can use the practice rooms to offer music lessons, as well as being a safe space to offer counselling and support.






P3 – Housing


For project 3 we were tasked with designing a housing scheme in Burngreave, Sheffield. The brief was for family housing, and asked for one other particular social group to be individually selected. I chose to look at intergenerational housing as part of my manifesto, and explore how the elderly and families can mutually benefit from living in such close proximity. The scheme focuses around a courtyard garden shared by all. Every home has a terrace overlooking the garden, and it has been designed to encourage neighbour interaction, which in turn can help improve the issue of loneliness amongst elderly people.


Furthermore, we had to incorporate a public space into the scheme, for which I chose to design a community centre. It started out as a youth centre to tackle the high rates of antisocial behaviour, however after further research I decided to open it out so all could benefit . It includes a cafe, common room/study space, and a community hall for flexible use/hire.