Holly Harcus



Situated just East of Sheffield City Centre and the Shefield railway station South Street Park is ideal located for a cycle Centre to serve commuters in Sheffield. The site itself is steep and wooded and so a design was needed that although standing out is sympathetic with the surroundings. The design also needed to be totally bike friendly. For this reason a circular shape was used throughout the design. The Centre has two entrances at two separate levels so commuters can flow through the building from the Ground Floor to the Lower Ground floor and out.


Children’s Theatre The Pumpkin


Darnall (a suburb to the East of Sheffield) is although a pleasant community a very ethnically divided one. The one area of the community where people from different demographics do mix however is the school and a Children’s theatre would aim to promote this mixing away from the school. The theatre proposed aims to provide the initial awe of going to the theatre for young children, while providing them with welcoming environment to learn to act and perform in.

Housing Live Work Play


The most recent census data for Heeley (a suburb to the South East of Sheffield) shows how there is gap in the demographic of young independents. Encouraging this group of people to settle in Heeley would help to revitalize the area. A live, work, play housing development has been proposed, with a variety of housing for young family’s and professionals, workshop and office spaces and a café with external courtyard space.