Holly Atkinson

P1 – Caver’s Shelter

P1 was a partnered project which gave the opportunity to collaborate with another designer, share ideas and develop a building together. Our site was in the Peak District near the village of Castleton. On the journey up the valley what struck us most was how we were being guided up  through a specific route due to the form of the landscape. We took this concept of a journey to be the basis for our building, creating a guided route through, as seen on the plan sketches. We wished to create different experiences along this journey, with enclosed views, more open spaces, and different temperatures of rooms

throughout the building.


P2 – Drag Theatre

For this project we were tasked with designing a theatre in an urban context. Due to this being a public building in an urban context it was important that particular attention was paid to the facade, and its interaction with the wider area. The site for this project was in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, close to Picadilly Station. I chose to design a drag theatre as I feel it is an increasingly popular form of entertainment, self expression, political commentary and comedy. Manchester also already has a thriving gay scene so it seemed fitting. On top of the primary performance space, and facade, this project required consideration of a bar/cafe as playing a fundamental role in the experience of a performance space, and how it could enrich the brief. My design is primarily a response to the flamboyant culture of the drag scene, and the combination of the Nothern Quarter’s two identities; traditional industrial area and quirky modern hive of activity.


P3 – Healthy House

This project required not one unit, but mulitiple units to create a housing scheme. This allows for exploration not just of building design, but also street design. Within a housing scheme it was necessary to consider both that of personal belonging, but also that which is shared, both physically and conceptually. This project opened up opportunities for rigorous exploration of how to achieve an aim through the design of dwellings, but also all the spaces inbetween, that aren’t as such inhabited, but contribute to the habitation of a place. The site for this project was in an area of Sheffield near the centre called Burngreave. We began with analysis of housing precedents, and of the neighbourhood surrounding the sites in order to inform our designs. I decided to design houses with the purpose to help foster healthy mental wellbeing. This is an ever-more prevalent topic discussed in society today, and it is undeniable that living conditions contribute to our state of mind. I chose to design with the aim to incorporate natural spaces into dwellings as presence in nature can boost mental wellbeing. My scheme is designed to create a calming atmosphere, with the required community space being an allotment to give the residents a reason to work outdoors. This scheme is for anyone, so I have designed varying sizes of dwelling to allow for a broader community in the area.