Hoiphone Pong



Project 1 –¬†Bike Hub

Park Hill, Sheffield

-In collaboration with Vincent Las Marias-

This project is based on a challenge which we find on site, a disconnection between the residential area Park Hill and the city centre of Sheffield divided by the train station. The bike hub we propose links up the two and serves not only the bike lovers, but the people who enjoy the events held in the amphitheatre nearby.

Project 2 – Dissident Library

Northern Quarter, Manchester

The design of this library attempts to bring different opinions into a single space, which allows everyone to express their ideas however political or social. Library should not only be a space for reading and learning, it should also initiate an exchange of thoughts. In the book Monsignor Quixote, Father Quixote and Sancho embark on a journey through Spain, despite their rather radical political views and ideologies.

The library is political and somewhat expressive so that people are encouraged to exchange their ideas and respect others’ opinions. The space of library is not placing any dichotomy between the black and white, but comprising all the greys in between.

Project 3 – Co-housing

Burngreave, Sheffield

Facing the rise of commodification of housing and the intricate relationship between politics and housing market, living in its own right has become less and less of a human right but a luxury. Houses are left vacant and people are relocated when price is the only determinant. Community is distorted by capitalism.
Burngreave, north east of Sheffield city centre, is an ethnically and culturally diverse area where outsiders perceived as a poverty stricken and run-down suburban area while the local refuse the misperception. Nonetheless, the urge to revitalise the neighbourhood cannot be ignored so that a sense of community and social interaction is fostered within the area.
Co-housing may offer an solution. Creating an intentional community with single elderly and family, the scheme incorporates four single elderly dwellings, two 3-bedroom dwellings and three 2-bedroom flats so that various family sizes and single elderly are both taken into considerations.
The site is left vacant currently on the junction of Ellesmere road and Buckenham street. The proposal aims to encourage social interactions and mutual support within the residents to tackle the increase of ageing population and connect with the wider public.

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