Harry Prema



The Bike Store


The proposed scheme for this project is situated on the corner of Livesey Street and Club Mill Hill, Sheffield. The river, pathways and road create an ideal threshold on the corner of the bridge for this scheme, as users will be able to easily access the building as well as using it as a start off point from which to begin a number of different cycling routes.


The focal point of the design itself is its status as a temporary building, something we aimed to achieve through materiality, minimal spacing and creating a structural skeleton that could be removed from site with minimal impact.




The Music Library


Located in the centre of the bustling Northern Quarter of Manchester, this project aimed to take advantage of an up and coming night scene and change the perception of what a library needs to be.


The design includes a stage, for local performers to play live as well as individual listening pods designed to be an immersive experience. Playing with the idea of privacy throughout the project the interiors become more complex and secluded as the user moves up the building



Isolation in the Elderly


The ageing population in the UK is an increasing problem: one that Burngreave, Sheffield is familiar with. With 38% of residents in the area living in single bedroom residencies and a high population of the elderly, it is an area that will understand the hardship of isolation. Because of this I decided to base my project on an intergenerational housing scheme focused on interaction.


The scheme is split into two unit types, one set of 3-bedroom properties intended as family housing and one set of 1-bedroom properties intended as housing for the elderly. Although the units were separated, large bridges run along the entire scheme to create shared terraces along with shared green space below.