Haonan Zuo

P1. Cavers’ Shelter

Ramon F. Roman/ Keren Obiuzu/ Hao Nan Zuo

This project is about providing cavers a space to escape from the enclosed underground space and exploring the relationship between a small shelter and the landscape. Placing the piece of architecture and framing the best views was the main approach to achieve the striking contrast between open and enclosed spaces, providing cavers the best possible refreshing experiences.

P2. Weaving Library +Cafe

A library is a collection of knowledge and is a place to share the knowledge. This library records the transition of Northern Quarter from cotton industry site to art and design center, celebrating Northern Quarter’s past and now. People come to know this history, the industry, learn about art and design and understand how the change has been made, hence get to know the regional culture a bit more.

P3. Houses That Grow + Cooking Learning Center

The housing project having 9 unites, is located in Burngreave. All the houses have the ability to be extended according to owners needs. The community facility is a cooking leaning school to help people share their cooking experience and learn skills. Additionally,  a food street is designed along the edge of the site connecting public space to the community kitchen and residential houses.





Haonan Zuo

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