Hannah Towler

 A conversation between the Cave, the Rocks, and the Hut.

Giant’s Hole
Caving Hut

Located in a valley in the Peaks 2 miles from the closest town, we were given our site to design a caving hut to provide shelter, warmth and a space to cook before going into Giant’s Hole. Growing from a rocky outcrop, it can be seen by emerging cavers as a warm, inviting space.



 ‘The Germ is the real thing; the seat of identity. Within its delicate mechanism lies the will to power: the function which is to seek and eventually to find its full expression in form.’ – Louis Sullivan

Community Theatre

Set at the bottom of a Hill in Hillsborough, a small community theatre grows. Taking inspiration from Louis Sullivan’s text about the seed, I have translated this to a organic structure that can take the forms of theatre, cafe, bar and school acting workshop space under a gridshell where the community can root themselves. This is achieved by the flexible furniture and it’s many combinations.