Hannah Gaughan

Arborist Training Centre
The given brief was to design an Arborist Centre in Limb Brook which is situated South West of Sheffield City Centre.
Through the design process, I decided that due to the nature of the building’s purpose, constant connections to the outdoors was key. This then led to the main design feature being a central courtyard, where in which a circulation corridor wraps around it. Along with this, the actual form of the building comes from that of a tree with the rooms almost ‘branching’ off the courtyard core.

Comedy Theatre
Attercliffe is a bus ride away from Sheffield City Centre and along the main street, the architecture boast of what it once was. Now, slightly run down, it has an edge about it. The scheme aims to bring together the community once again. With this in mind, the proposal is for a Comedy Club that also functions as a pub throughout the week – giving the people of Attercliffe a place to call their new local.

Situated in Heeley, the housing project aims to address an issue within the area. Due to the site incorporating the Medical Centre and Heeley being recognised as an area of Sheffield heavily dealing with mental health, the proposal is for a housing scheme which would serve as a halfway house for patients dealing with mental health issues. Along with four houses specifically for them, either end of the scheme will house healthcare workers and their families for additional security.
The scheme also proposes the idea of advancing the Medical Centre into a space where in which others can seek advice or help regarding mental health.