Hannah Faulkner

P1 Print Studio

The brief for this project was to design a temporary Printmaker Studio for 3 individual artists, situated in Padley Gorge, Grindleford. The studio had to accommodate a shared print work studio which fit all the required equipment, storage, shared admin space, a public gallery and coffee stop for 10 people with views into the studio and lastly a small boot room and wash room.

Thorough research carried out before starting to design the Print Studio allowed me to understand the print making process and its requirements.

Whilst meeting the brief, the architecture of my building sits naturally within the site, with the mirrored panels subtly reflecting the surrounding trees and the semi-translucent panels emitting a warm glow as well as allowing in natural daylight to create a light environment for the café and Print Studio.



P2 The Cinema

The brief was to design a small community theatre building in Attercliffe, which is an old run down town just outside of Sheffield.

My initial thoughts on this project were that I wanted to create a type of theatre that would engage with the residents of Attercliffe in both appearance and function.

I wanted to create a VIP cinema which acted as a “hidden gem” for Attercliffe that people would hear about through word of mouth, encouraging the residents of Attercliffe to engage and talk about it. This “hidden gem” concept also shaped how I designed the theatre space. The cinema room is tucked away in the upper floors of the building and is surrounded by a large open foyer space, almost like a box in a box, the design also allows for a contrast in atmosphere to be created between the cosy “hidden gem” cinema room and the light open foyer space which sits below it.



P3 Housing Project

This Housing scheme is situated in Heeley, a small town in Sheffield which is trying to get back on its feet. The target for this project is to provide flexible, adaptable housing which can cater to the needs of dynamic lifestyles. Initially this project is aimed at young professionals. Young professionals soon turn into young families, and by providing accommodation which can adapt and meet the needs of growing families and their daily routines it will encourage residents to stay in Heeley for a prolonged period of time instead of moving out of the town to buy larger houses once their family grows.

The housing scheme consists of 3 dwellings and 2 flats which sit on what used to be a car park. The dwellings are just set back from the high street and are located near a medical centre, terraced housing, an old people’s home (in the form of a bungalow) and a large green space. The arrangement consists of a shared communal garden which creates a through route that bypasses the dwellings and garden allowing a connection between the site and the green space adjacent to it to be kept.