Joint project with Sylwia Satora. Located near Park Hill, Sheffield, the brief for this project was to design a cycle hub which would promote cycling in the Sheffield area, also providing bicycle storage and a café. We noticed many Park Hill residents storing bicycles on their balconies and therefore the cycle hub was aimed at providing bike storage for Park Hill residents. The design, therefore, was based on the layout of a typical Park Hill apartment, aiming to provide a ‘home from home’ for Park Hill residents, offering a space for them, and members of the public, to socialise, have a coffee, work, etc.

THRESHOLD TASK – exploring relationship between the site, Park Hill and Sheffield Station

MEASURE TASK – exploring space required for bicycle maintenence

RUSSELL’S BICYCLE SHED – space required for bike storage

Shadows Across Site
Site Overview
Site Photos
Initial Research and Development
Model Development
Ideas within Site Context
Park Hill Precedent and Materials Development Model
Lower Ground Plan
Upper Ground Plan

Sectional Perspective
Organisation and Activity Axo
Views from Scheme and 3D Views


This project was located in the Ropewalks area of Liverpool, in a gap site on a busy commercial street. I quickly decided I wanted to focus on dance within the theatre and made several wire dance models for my ‘type’ task. Whilst taking photos of these I noticed that the shadows they created were perhaps more interesting and intriguing than the models themselves, and therefore the focus of my theatre was dance and shadow in a celebration of the forms and movement of dance.

Site Photos
Surrounding Dance Schools and Studios
TYPE TASK – wire model dancers
Shadow Concept Precedents and Development
Design Development
Ground Plan
First Plan
Second Plan
Section AA
Section BB
Interior Views
Bold Street Elevation
Wood Street Elevation
Spatial Organisation and Model Photos
Theatre in Wider Context
View from Bold Street
View from Wood Street


This housing project was located on a site in Burngreave, Sheffield. My manifesto began by focusing on environmentally and socially sustainable housing, quickly focusing in more depth on the socially sustainable aspect – ie. factors which make people happy in an area and ones which would make them want to stay there. The public aspect of the scheme, as a result, became a community kitchen which aims to celebrate the cultural diversity of the Burngreave area through the acts of cooking and eating, sharing recipes and food between members of the community. The housing provides four family houses, six apartments for elderly users and one single apartment.  The garden offers a secluded refuge and sensory experience, connecting Ellesmere Road with the community kitchen and Grimesthorpe Road.

Figure Ground and Site Photos

Environmental Site Analysis
Massing Development
Site Thresholds and Burngreave Interviews
Vestry Hall Connection
Scheme Overview
Level 0 Plan
Level 1 Plan
Level 2 Plan
Public Buildings Connection

Garden Plan and Experience Strategy

Section AA
Left to Right: front elevation, back elevation, herb room and kitchen elevation
Illustrated Front Elevation
Illustrated Back Elevation
Garden Illustration
Site Strategy
Family House Plan and Axo
Family House Interior Views
Sectional Perspective
Initial Garden Illustration
View of Shop from Ellesmere Road