Hadley Clarke

Project 1:

This project is a walker’s refuge in the Peak District. Starting the project with an ergonomics study and a territory study to fully understand the user and site of the proposed scheme. ‘Layers of refuge’ became the central concept behind the design; the aim is to produce spaces that could allow walkers to enjoy a moments respite or a much longer break and somewhere to spend the night.

Project 2:

This project in the Northern Quarter in Manchester is a theatre for new writers looking for a platform to both write and stage their plays. I took inspiration from the origins of the theatre – the amphitheatre. I used features in a more post-modern style in an attempt to keep the design more in tune with the contemporary surroundings. The location of the site allowed for a front of house facing onto a busy road whilst leaving space for a public route to be created alongside it.


Project 3:

This project in the centre of Burngreave is a co-housing scheme for young families. Burngreave’s largest growing demographic is the under 14 year olds; with this in mind my scheme looks to embrace the attitude of play in an area where facilities are numerous but littering and anti-social behaviour prevent them from being utilised. The co-housing scheme looks to draw inspiration from the Steiner educational theory and Peter Hübners architecture as a form of social integration. It looks to both book-end the neighbouring live project and make the area more open and accessible.




Email address: Hclarke4@sheffield.ac.uk