Gigi Kwong

A Theatre for Mime Artists

A Theatre for Mime Artists is a place to dissolve the language barrier between a mix of communities by the action of miming, one which can act as a focal point in Attercliffe, drawing the neighborhood together from around the forgotten suburb. The idea of miming is then transformed into the layering of the reflections from inside and out to give a more exciting and surreal internal environment, resembling the internal vibrancy of miming. A central foyer is created by the surrounded volumes to gather people, yet it does not have a true boundary that you can not tell whether it is there or not, i.e. the notion of invisible walls acted by mime artists.

There are three performance spaces in the theatre, the outdoor space provides street conditions for street miming as well as a link between internal and external; the rehearsal room is another performance space that allows audience to enjoy when the theatre is in use; large scale miming can be watched in the main auditorium where it provides a sophisticated and engaging environment.





[Landscape] Astrophotography Centre

[Landscape] Astrophotography Centre explores the relationship between sky and landscape by proposing a stargazing facilities embedded in the rock of the Burbage Edge in the Peak District National Park, it explores the threshold between the building and the landscape in response to the the trace of a quarry. The idea of astronomy and the geometrical projection of the universe has turned into the building by slicing the buildings into 2 volumes, precedents such as Star Axis by Charles Ross influenced the abstract triangular opening to frame the mysterious sky.

A 15m tall atrium has been induced by this site specific programme which enables sun light and moon light slits through the charred timber strips to create a subtle atmosphere, the stargazing deck also provides space for photographing star trails especially in north direction.