Georgina Scott

Over the course of second year I have been able to greatly improve my skills in Photoshop, VectorWorks, model making, and hand drawing. The three projects – Walker’s Refuge, Library and Housing have allowed me to develop my design ability, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Please take the time to look through all projects, as I feel that my progression through the year is evident.


For our first project of second year we were tasked with designing a ‘Walker’s Hut’ in Castleton, a town in the Peak District, that would not disturb this area of natural beauty. As a pair we decided to manipulate the views that the walkers would experience upon entering the hostel, initially having three stages of views – fully restricted, semi-restricted and open, to make the most of the beautiful view over to Hope Valley. We created a very simple form, so that it did not distract from the stunning landscape surrounding it, with grey timber and flush windows to evoke simplicity.


For our second project of the year we were tasked with reinventing the library for the 21st century, in the context of Manchester’s Northern Quarter. I decided that a great way to do this would be to make it a multimedia library. I took inspiration from Manchester’s worker bee – and compared bees to people, honeycomb to the library, and honey to the resources we acquire. I used the honeycomb to directly inspire my design, with hexagonal platforms for listening to various forms of radio podcasts, audiobooks and music.


Our final project of second year required us to design a housing scheme that integrated different segments of the local community together. I decided that I wanted to incorporate the elderly somehow, into a scheme where they could live into very old age, and be able to provide for a carer or sleep on the ground floor. I wanted to provide a swimming pool, as for the elderly, aquarobics and swimming are great ways for people to keep fit without putting too much pressure on the joints, and for children, going swimming is always a fun activity. I created an almost Tetris-like system of houses, with a ground floor dwelling that also has a first floor bedroom/bathroom, and a dwelling accessed on the first floor that has bedrooms/bathrooms on the second floor. 

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