Georgia Whitehead

Second Year Portfolio

P 1


Caver’s  Shelter


Located directly above a Peak Cavern in Castleton our caver’ shelter wanted to enhance the feeling of refuge, rising directly from a crack in the landscape into the open air. Taking inspiration from the cave itself, we wanted to achieve a feeling of safety, whilst encouraging exploration through the design. This was achieved by the triangular stairwell climbing up the natural rock face, leading to the tiered bunkbeds. In addition we were fascinated by how light effected the atmosphere within the cave, wishing to incorporate aspects of this into the design, we created a light tunnel flooding the stairwell into the ground floor, included crack-like windows and designed a geometric style roof.



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Street  Art  Gallery


Walking through the Northern Quarter Manchester, it became apparent that a main aspect which made this area so lively was the artwork scattered on every surface. My site, although also located in the Northern Quarter, seemed much less lively and colourful. My scheme promotes Street Art in the area by providing a place to learn, develop and present the art, in the hope to  express the colour and liveliness found in the centre of the Northern Quarter to it’s outskirts.






P 3

Housing  for  Foster  Children


Over 300 households are currently needed in Sheffield to support foster children. My scheme provides temporary homes for children in foster care in Burngreave. The aim is to smooth the transition from home to home by providing a safe family environment, whilst improving the overall confidence in foster care. The 3 family units designed surrounding community spaces offer a safe family environment with a connection to Burngreave. The community centre creates the opportunity to develop life skills for all the residents of Burngreave, as well as a place for the children to meet other people. The scheme also provides 3 single units for independent living, but with the safety net of the community centre, for young adults who might ‘age out’ of the foster care program.