Portfolio | George Thornton
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George Thornton

p1 observatory

in the heart of the peak district, higgar tor is a monument entrenched in the landscape. its beauty makes it a popular walker destination as it transcends the thresholds of land and sky. we designed an observatory that appreciates both elements simultaneously:  the bird-watching centre. it is a small public building, guiding walkers to fully appreciate what nature has to offer beyond the beaten track; users can make use of the cafe, bathroom or resting facilities whilst discussing these new facilities

p2 vinyl library

Manchester’s northern quarter embodies a strong creative force; the high proportion of independent retailers and its proximity to the city centre is attractive to the younger generations. my site, spear street, runs off the focal street of what has been dubbed ‘vinyl valley’. whilst the retailers give a wide choice of musical offerings, I wanted to explore this in a new light. by integrating this into the library programme, I have rejuvenated both. my ‘library ‘ serves to educate the 16-29 target audience on the local music industry, but also gives them an opportunity to share and explore new music

p3 self- produce self- care housing

burngreave is an inner city district, a 10 minute uphill walk from the Sheffields city centre. whilst ethnically diverse, its social groups and subsequently urban fabric has fractured. my aim was to encourage the production of new skills through the sharing of knowledge/ experience; utilising these to build a more sustainable community/ place. I was inspired by the residents pride for their multicultural community to design a housing project following a bottom up scheme. the complex consists of 3 apartments housing limited mobility elderly; connected spatially and emotionally to 4 townhouses for families. these share a communal dining area, and a public ‘production shop’, run by the elderly residents, to encourage the communities tangible skills